After walking out on Kyle Blackner two years before, Jared Maloney walks back into Kyle’s life unexpectedly. Turns out Kyle isn’t the only one harboring resentment towards the man who walked out on him with no explanation. A series of attacks designed to keep them apart manage to bring them back together. Can Kyle and Jared rebuild the life they once shared or will the psycho after Jared succeed in keeping them apart for all of eternity.


After a long, tiring day at the construction site, Kyle Blackner walked through the front door of his second story apartment. Like most days, Kyle’s plans included a quick dinner, a shower, and going straight to bed. While flipping through the days mail, he came across a letter with no return address. He looked closer at the neat curving letters on the envelope, trying to figure out who it could be from.

“Well, I guess I won’t know until I open it,” he mumbled aloud. After tearing the letter open and scanning through the contents once, Kyle quickly sat down in his over-stuffed arm chair, the letter falling forgotten from his fingers.

It couldn’t be, this had to be some kind of joke, he thought. No way could that letter be from the man who had walked out of his life over two years ago. Taking a deep breath, Kyle bent over and picked the letter back up, reading the contents again, the words finally sinking in

Dear Kyle,

I know that I’m probably the last person that you expected to hear from. I know that you don’t understand what  happened two years ago and I want to explain. I’m going to be moving back to Ogden and I really want to see you.

I want to sit down with you and explain why I left. I will understand if you don’t want to see me, but please, at least let me explain.



Kyle didn’t know what to think as he finished the letter. Jared had walked out on him with absolutely no warning or explanation, why would he bother with an explanation now? Didn’t he realize that it was too late? If he had come to him two years ago then they could have worked through whatever it was, but no, Kyle had come home from work to an empty apartment and another note.



After yet another long day at work, Kyle was looking forward to coming home to Jared. No matter how badly his day had gone, one kiss from the man he loved would wipe it all away and make Kyle forget about everything that plagued him. Walking into the apartment he  shared with his lover, Kyle was surprised not to hear any music playing. Jared loved his stereo system and always had it going.

“Jared?” He called out, “I’m home, where are you?” When he didn’t get an answer, he figured that Jared had simply went out to the grocery story or went out to pick something up for dinner. Walking into the bedroom, Kyle opened the closet door to get out a clean shirt when he was greeted with a major shock. Jared’s side of the closet was empty. Once he discovered the empty closet, Kyle went frantically over to the dresser, only to find that Jared’s drawers were empty as well. He hurried into the bathroom and found all of Jared’s personal things gone.

Kyle walked numbly back to the living room, hoping to find something to explain why Jared and all of his belongings were gone. For the first time since he got home he noticed the envelope propped up on the little table inside the door. With trembling hands, Kyle slowly opened the envelope with his name scrawled across the front. Inside was a note with two words on it and a key. Jared’s key to the apartment. Kyle looked again at the note and at the words written. Tears started flowing down his face as he read the two words that had destroyed him….

I’m Sorry



Kyle sat there in the over-stuffed chair, the memories nearly overwhelming him. He had thought that he had put Jared’s leaving behind him, but he had been fooling himself. He felt the pain that he felt two years ago come over him again as he remembered finding the note. He had been in shock that Jared had left the way he had. He figured he must have done something to make Jared run off, but for the life of him he still didn’t know what that was. Well screw it, he thought, anger beginning to build up inside him.

“If he wanted to explain he could have explained two years ago,” he said to the empty room, anger showing in his deep voice. He got quickly up from his chair and made his way quickly to his room, stripping his clothes off as he went. His plans for the evening had just changed.

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