Friends First

Category: Fiction
Genre: Drama
Tags: Mature Adult/Friendship/Gay/Love/Modern
Status: Complete
Word Count: 5,713
Chapters: 2
Description: Keith thought things were going great, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) for him, things aren’t always as they appear.


“And just what the hell am I supposed to do with this?” Keith stared at the photo in his hand as anger coursed through his body. He was going to have to confront his boyfriend about it, that was for sure. He wasn’t sure if whoever sent the photo was trying to be cruel or be kind. Either way, it didn’t matter. Now that he knew… he would say something; he’d have to.

He heard the front door of the apartment open and quickly refolded the incriminating photo and stuffed it in his pocket. Before he could say anything he needed to figure out the best way to approach Will.

“Keith? I’m home! Where are you?”

Keith closed his eyes at the sound of Will’s voice. He could do this, he could. It wasn’t really like he had any choice. He couldn’t just forget what he knew. Pulling himself together, he headed out to the living room.

“There you are.” Will walked over to him and pressed a gentle kiss to Keith’s lips.

Keith didn’t return the kiss, he couldn’t, instead he questioned whether or not Will kissed his on-the-side lover the same way. He pulled back and looked at the man he’d been living with for the past month. It all made sense now. Why Will had kept putting off their moving in together. He had probably been afraid that he’d get caught. He had been wrong, he couldn’t do this. Didn’t want to do it.

His eyes burned from suppressing the tears that threatened to spill over and his stomach churned from just thinking about Will with someone else. What else didn’t he know about Will? How long had he been cheating on him? Keith closed his eyes and tried to ignore the ache in his chest. When he opened them again, Will was watching him with a confused look on his face.

“I’ve got to go out for a bit.” Keith forced a smile to his lips and brushed past his boyfriend. He couldn’t stay in the same apartment with him right now. He needed to get away and think about what his next step was going to be. He’d given up his apartment and moved into Will’s once Will had finally agreed to live together, so he didn’t even have anywhere that he could go.

He could always go get pissed drunk, but he needed a clear head to decide where he was going to go. He couldn’t stay with Will, he knew that. He’d never be able to trust him after such a betrayal. He slammed the door behind him and ran down the steps before pushing open the doors that led to the street. With the way he was feeling, he was almost surprised it wasn’t raining; that would definitely fit his mood of the moment.

His cell vibrated in his pocket, and he pulled it out, only to silence it when the display read Will. He would talk to him, but not yet. Not until he’d had time to fully absorb what the picture plainly showed. Will in the arms of someone else. He wondered if he’d be so upset if it had been another man in the picture, not that he knew what difference it would make. He’d never thought Will would cheat on him, especially with a woman.

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