Mountain Hideout

Category: Fiction
Genre: Romance, Drama, Thriller/Suspense
Tags: Crime/Adult/Police/Gay/North America/Serious
Status: Complete
Word Count: 13,643
Chapters: 1
Description: After being attacked, Trace needs both a place to recuperate and a place to hideout from the men who want him dead.


Trace kept one eye trained on the rearview mirror at the car that had been behind him for the last couple of miles. No matter where he went the car seemed to stick with him. So far it hadn’t gotten close enough for him to make out any specific details other than that it was black, but his gut told him that he might just be in trouble. Testing his theory he made a couple of quick right turns without signaling. The squeal of his tires was the only indication that he had taken the turns too fast, but the vehicle remained behind him. Even as Trace watched the car sped up and began to close the distance between them until only a few feet remained between the two vehicles.

“Son of a bitch,” Trace swore. He felt like a mouse being chased by a hungry cat, lucky for him though, he was smarter than the damn cat chasing him. Trace gripped the steering wheel and made another hard right in the hopes of losing his pursuers. They must have been expecting the move as they turned at the same time, jumping the curb and delivering a glancing blow to the right rear fender of Trace’s truck. The impact started to push Trace around but he used his training and calmly got the truck back under control as he reached for his phone. He flipped open his phone and quickly dialed in the number for dispatch and waited impatiently for it to be answered.

“Hey Gabby, it’s Trace. Listen, I have a black sedan following me, they just clipped my right rear fender.” He listened for a minute before smiling, “That will work, I’m heading north bound on 52nd. Thanks Gabby, I owe you one.” Trace flipped his phone shut with a satisfied smirk. “Alright asshole, the board is set, the pieces are in place; let’s just see if we can get a checkmate.”

Trace saw in the rearview mirror as one of his department’s unmarked cruisers pulled out behind the sedan following him. Knowing he now had backup, Trace smiled as he took his next left, leading the two cars behind him towards the police station where his buddy and partner Mitch would be waiting. As he closed the distance between him and the station, the car behind him pulled back slightly before turning off as soon as the station house came into view ahead of them. The unmarked cruiser followed the unknown as Trace pulled in front of the station and cut the engine.

“Where’s the car at?” his partner Mitch asked as he moved out from behind one of the pillars in front of the concrete building of the police station.

“Not sure, it fell back a few blocks from here, but our unmarked is following them, trying to figure out who they are,” Trace answered with a look down the street.

“Must have realized you were headed back here, any idea who it was?” Mitch asked as they turned together to head into the building.

“Not sure, but they were persistent, I’ll give the bastards that. I am wondering if it has something to do with that big arrest that we made last week.”

“What would make you think that?” Mitch asked cautiously.

“I don’t know, it’s just the only big arrest we’ve had recently. If you remember right, when we arrested Jarvis he swore up and down that he had people who would follow him anywhere. That’s the only thing that makes sense. You know as well as I do that I’ll have to testify at the hearing.” Trace had been uneasy ever since he had made the arrest but had shaken it off. He’s made dozens of other arrests in his quest to rid the area of the drug dealers and other criminals, and couldn’t figure out what would be so different about this one.

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