Night Walker

Category: Fiction
Genre: Drama
Tags: Mature Adult/Vampire/Gay/Anal/Modern
Status: Complete
Word Count: 13,350
Chapters: 1
Description: As a centuries old vampire, Jeremiah Blackfoot is used to living a solitary existence. When he meets the sickly Cale, Jeremiah has to come to grips with the possibility that maybe there is someone out there for him. The biggest holdback for Jeremiah, Cale is human. Jeremiah has watched many lovers wither and die, and has since stayed far away from romantic entanglements. Can Cale and Jeremiah overcome the odds, or is there no hope of bridging the mortal chasm between them.


Jeremiah Blackfoot could feel the anticipation curling through his veins as he waited for the last rays of sunlight to disappear beyond the horizon. It had been centuries since he had felt the sun on his skin; truthfully, he couldn’t even remember what being out in the sun felt like. He had only felt the pull of the sunlight once in his early years after being converted to a creature of the night. He may not remember the feeling of the sun before he became a vampire, but he could clearly recall the instant burning sensation the one time he had tried to venture out. He had no desire to live with that pain again and was just glad that a vampire bursting instantly into a cloud of dust upon contact with sunlight was nothing more than a myth. Of course, most people didn’t really believed he existed, so his very existence was thought to be nothing more than a myth used to scare young children.Looking in the mirror, Jeremiah took in his youthful features. He had been changed during his prime years and after more than seven hundred years, he still looked the same as he had at the age of twenty seven. He smiled as he thought of the other myth, that vampires did not have a reflection. For a race that denied his very existence, they sure came up with plenty of myths about his kind. Like some myths though, there was a kernel of truth behind the myth of vampires not casting a reflection. When he was first changed, he found out that with each kill his reflection would become more and more opaque. He quickly learned that each kill took a small portion of his soul and that in order to keep his soul, he needed to learn to feed without killing.

Reaching up, Jeremiah ran his fingers through his shoulder length black hair. Though he never seemed to turn a day older, his hair could still grow and he had tried many different styles through the centuries. Deciding that he craved the longer hair at the moment, he had been letting it grow back out. Very light blue, almost silver eyes stared back at him, as he took in his appearance. The hard work of his younger years had left him with a more than decent physique. Now, he never had to work out. His body itself never changed, though after a couple hundred years, he had grown tired of looking the same, day in day out, and wished he could age just a little, enough to notice some type of change.

Jeremiah opened his senses and as soon as he felt the last of the rays of sunshine dissipate he headed into the welcoming darkness of night. He strolled along the streets and smiled as people moved to give him a wide berth. They seemed to know he was different as he walked among them, but he knew that it was only in their subconscious and the mortals were not even aware that they tended to move out of his way. Not being in the least afraid of dark alleys, Jeremiah took many shortcuts until he reached a club that many vampires used when they needed to feed. As he approached the club, he felt and smelled a vampire that he hadn’t come across before. Vampires were by no means overly social with one another, but “like vampires” tended to converge in certain areas. Those who still contained a soul tended to go to areas which contained other vampires with souls, and the same could be said for those without souls. The presence of this new vampire set his teeth on edge; he could feel and smell the other vampire, but could sense no soul.