Challenging Fate

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Maki waited years to discover what dragon spirit the fates gifted him with. He anticipated his first flight, his parents at his side, as he launched himself into the sky for the first time. Best of all, one day he’d find his mate and spend the rest of his life with someone by his side. Unfortunately for him, things didn’t go exactly as he’d always planned.


Cyan watched the two reptilian bodies soaring through the sky high above him, envy settling deep in his gut. The longer he watched, the more he resented the hand that fate had cursed him with. It wasn’t like he hadn’t tried to overcome it, he had. For the last nine years of his life he had tried to embrace who and what he was but he still struggled with it daily. He would never have what the two dragons high above him had, would never experience the unadulterated joy of dancing in the sky with his mate. He had no mate and according to the history and legends of his clan, he never would. It was high time he accepted it and quit wishing for something that could never be.

He tore his gaze away from the pair and shoved off the rock that had been digging into his ass for the last hour. He couldn’t watch them any longer; it was too painful knowing that he would never know the love of a mate. Cyan strode over to the edge of the lake and reached down to scoop up a handful of pebbles. He picked out one and studied its smooth surface for a minute, before tossing it into the calm water, watching as it disappeared into the murky depths.

If only he could disappear as easily.

It wasn’t the first time he had contemplated just walking into the water and letting it claim him, but it wouldn’t do any good. It was nearly impossible for him to drown. It was thanks to a couple of clan members that he’d learned that little tidbit. He’d just returned to the clan’s lands after being granted release from the youth home. He’d been lonely and unaccustomed to living on his own, but he’d thought he was managing quite well. Until hands had latched onto him and jerked him from his sleep.

He’d fought to free himself, to no avail. His hands and feet had been bound before he was carried from his home and thrown into the lake. It was then that he learned that while Red’s had an affinity for fire, Blue’s had an affinity too, but with water. Instead of closing over his head and flowing into his lungs, the water had cradled him, keeping his head above water until he’d managed to break free of his bonds. Agonizing pain swamped him at the memory and he wished, not for the first time, that his dragon had never been awakened. He wanted to go back to the time before his true nature had been revealed to those around him, where he had more friends than he could count and the complete support and love of his family. The things he would still have if it hadn’t been for his dragon’s emergence into the world. Most of his kind met their first transformation with anticipation and he’d been the same until it had finally happened. Just the memory of the day his world had come crashing down around him, back when he’d still been called Maki, sent a fresh wave of pain shooting through him, nearly bringing him to his knees.