Rainbow Snippets: September 25, 2016


Wow, it has been so crazy lately that I haven’t been able to do the Rainbow Snippets. Today, I decided to do a snippet from my short story More Than A Pact that is part of the One Pulse Anthology by Dreamspinner Press Authors. All proceeds from the sale of this anthology are being donated to LGBT groups in central Florida to benefit the families and victims of the Pulse attack.

Mac had followed him. Suddenly he found himself imprisoned against the counter, arms on either side of him and Mac’s big body pressing against his back.

“You forget I know you.”

Mac’s breath ghosted over his ear and sent shivers down his spine.

Paul closed his eyes and breathed in the scent of Mac. Mac had never been big on cologne, but he’d always smelled good.

There you go! Want to know more about Paul and Mac? Go and buy the book! It’s for a great cause and there are stories from a total of 30 authors. You can check out more about the book in my previous blog post: One Pulse Anthology – Dreamspinner Press Authors!

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the snippets, you can find them on twitter using #RainbowSnippets or on facebook at Rainbow Snippets!

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