Saturday Short: Recipe For Success

Recipe For Success

I stood frozen, staring at the image in front of me. The table was set for two and, if I wasn’t mistaken, that was lasagna on my plate. I stepped closer to the table and looked around the room. Two tapered candles sat in the middle of the table with a few more scattered around the room, their flickering light creating a romantic ambiance. A vase full of wildflowers sat next to the sink, their bright colors muted without the overhead lights.

I appreciated the effort and thought that had obviously been put into creating a romantic atmosphere, but there was only one problem. I wasn’t dating anyone—and hadn’t been for the last month and a half.

Just thinking of Jason made my heart ache. He had been so focused on his career and being successful. I could understand the wanting to succeed, but his work had taken over his life. There hadn’t been room for anyone or anything else—let alone me. I’d stuck it out for six months, expecting it to get better, but it only got worse. I hadn’t wanted to break up with him. I loved him. But I hadn’t felt like I had a choice. It took two to make a relationship work.

Soft music started playing and I felt, more than heard, someone come up behind me. I wasn’t afraid. If whoever it was wanted to hurt me, they’d already had ample opportunity.

“I missed you.”

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