Saturday Short: Shifting Desires

Shifting Desires

I shivered as I waited for Seth to open the door. The damn wind was trying it’s best to knock me off my feet and snow swirled around me. I knocked again, impatient to get in out of the cold. It seemed to take forever for the door to open. Seth grabbed my arm and dragged me inside. Not that I was protesting.

“Wes! Why didn’t you just come in, the door was unlocked.”

My teeth began to chatter as Seth helped me out of my coat and tossed it over the back of the couch. He pulled me close and ran his warm hands up and down my arms. Warmth. Blessed warmth. I just wanted to curl into his heat.

“S…sorry.” I wasn’t sure why I was apologizing, but for some reason I felt the need.

“Nothing to be sorry about.” Seth reached out and grabbed a throw off the couch and wrapped it around me. “C’mon, let’s get you warmed up. You want coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?” “Ch…ch…chocolate please.” I let him lead me into the kitchen. I sat in one of the chairs and pulled the blanket tighter around me as I watched him bustle around the kitchen. I still couldn’t believe we were together. He was the complete opposite of all the other guys I had dated. Where they were short like me, he was tall. Most of them were so slender they looked like they could be snapped like a twig. Seth looked like he’d be the one doing the snapping.

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