Saturday Short: Where Credit Is Due

Where Credit Is Due

“Sure, now you want me to make the decisions.” I shook my head. No way was I going to bail Mick’s ass out again. I was all for being a team player, but the last time I’d helped him out, he’d taken credit for everything, and I’d had to listen for months about what a genius he was when it came to knowing what the clients wanted. Not this time. Mick had used his last successful ad campaign, using my ideas, to become the project lead for the biggest client we’d had the opportunity to land in years. I wasn’t about to step in and save his ass just so he could claim the credit, again.

“Come on, Dillon. You know we can’t afford to lose this account. If we can’t come up with something they like by the end of the week they’ll go somewhere else.” He actually sounded a bit pathetic, but it wasn’t enough to sway me.

Unfortunately, he was right. The company needed the client’s business, but I was done being walked all over. If he wanted my help, then I’d make damn sure I got the recognition for it.

“Here’s the deal. You want me to take over, fine, but here’s what you have to do.” I grinned and leaned over my desk. “You will go to Mr. Kist and tell him you can’t handle the account. You will come clean that your last ad campaign was all my doing, and”—I paused for effect—“you will ask to be removed from the account and have it assigned to me.”

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