Shifting Desires

Category: Fiction
Genre: Prompt
Tags: Modern/Gay/No Sex/Love
Status: Complete
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 999
Prompt:  You have always dated the same type of person and while not exactly successful with it, you never seen a reason to change. Of course that all changed when you met your latest partner. Talk about a total opposite. What about this person so attracts you, compared to the others you used to date?

Shifting Desires

I shivered as I waited for Seth to open the door. The damn wind was trying it’s best to knock me off my feet and snow swirled around me. I knocked again, impatient to get in out of the cold. It seemed to take forever for the door to open. Seth grabbed my arm and dragged me inside. Not that I was protesting.

“Wes! Why didn’t you just come in, the door was unlocked.”

My teeth began to chatter as Seth helped me out of my coat and tossed it over the back of the couch. He pulled me close and ran his warm hands up and down my arms. Warmth. Blessed warmth. I just wanted to curl into his heat.

“S…sorry.” I wasn’t sure why I was apologizing, but for some reason I felt the need.

“Nothing to be sorry about.” Seth reached out and grabbed a throw off the couch and wrapped it around me. “C’mon, let’s get you warmed up. You want coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?”

“Ch…ch…chocolate please.” I let him lead me into the kitchen. I sat in one of the chairs and pulled the blanket tighter around me as I watched him bustle around the kitchen. I still couldn’t believe we were together. He was the complete opposite of all the other guys I had dated. Where they were short like me, he was tall. Most of them were so slender they looked like they could be snapped like a twig. Seth looked like he’d be the one doing the snapping.

It wasn’t just their physical appearances that were different either, it was their whole personality. Most of the guys I had gone out with in the past were only looking for Mister Right Now. Seth had told me from the start that he was hoping to meet Mister Right. It was amazing to me that I never realized how most of my exes acted like the world needed to revolve around them. To put it bluntly, they were selfish, vain, and complete assholes. It was only once I got to know Seth that it became clear to me.

I wasn’t sure what that said about me.

“Here, drink this.” Seth crouched down in front of me and helped curl my fingers around the coffee cup. “Next time, just come in. I don’t want you freezing to death on my doorstep.”

I smiled as I slowly drank the hot chocolate. I looked into worried blue eyes and nearly melted. When was the last time anyone had actually taken care of me? It had been long enough that I couldn’t really remember.

“I’ll be right back.” Seth stood and headed for the hallway.

“Okay.” At least my teeth were no longer chattering, but I still felt the cold deep in my bones. I watched Seth leave and kept sipping at the hot cocoa while I waited for him to come back. Within a couple of minutes he was standing in front of me, taking my now empty cup. He took my hands in both of his and pulled me to my feet. Seth led me down the hall, through his bedroom, and to the master bath.

“I thought you might like a shower to help warm you up.” Seth pulled a towel out of the closet and set it on the sink. “I dug out a pair of sweats for when you get out. They’ll be big on you, but they’ll keep you warm.”

“You mean you’re not going to keep me warm?”

Seth chuckled. “I’m more than happy to help you stay warm, but the shower will warm you up quicker than I can.”

“I don’t know about that.” I pulled my shirt over my head and reached for the button on my jeans.

“You’re such a tease.” Seth reached into the shower and turned it on. He felt the water with his hand and then adjusted the temperature.

“It’s only teasing if I don’t follow through.” I undid my jeans and pushed them, and my underwear, over my hips and allowed them to pool around my feet. “I have every intention of following through.” I stepped closer and slid my hand up under his shirt and stroked his back. I felt him shiver and grinned at the knowledge he wasn’t unaffected by my touch. Seth whirled to face me, but before I could wonder if I’d done something wrong, he bent his head and captured my lips with his.

I groaned and parted my lips, allowing him to invade my mouth with his tongue. The rasp of his clothes against my naked skin reminded me that I was the only one naked. I blocked out the sound of the shower and worked his shirt up his chest, breaking the kiss just long enough to pull the t-shirt over his head. He instantly went back to kissing me and it felt like he was trying to devour me. I didn’t mind. I loved his sweet, caring side, but I also enjoyed the hungry side to him. And right now, he was hungry for me. He finally pulled back and gasped for breath.


“Join me?” I pressed a chaste kiss to his lips and looked up at him. He nodded and reached for the button on his own jeans. In moments they joined mine on the floor and I stepped into the shower, Seth close on my heels. I stood under the spray and let it rain over me. Seth pressed against my back, his arms wrapped around me, and he caressed my chest with his hands. I could feel his erection resting in the crack of my ass and moaned.

“We’re supposed to be showering.” Seth kissed my neck, his teeth grazing my skin.

“Isn’t that what we’re doing?”

“Not even close.” Seth turned me to face him and grinned down at me. “If you’re warm enough, we can take this to bed.” I reached behind me and shut the water off.