*Sneak Peek* Dom/Landon Wolf Shifter

I’ve been working on this short story in between other projects for quite a while.  There’s still no deadline set on it’s completion, and it’s untitled, but thought I’d give a little sneak peek just to hopefully wet your appetite.  Enjoy!


Blood dripped from Dom’s fur as he struggled to make his way back to his pack’s lair. He’d been in many fights lately, but none had been so brutal that he’d barely managed to survive. This one had been. He growled as his body shook, only sheer force of will keeping him on his feet. He needed to put some distance between him and the scene of the fight before his opponents pack came looking for their missing pack member. The fight hadn’t been his fault, but he seriously doubted that the rival pack would see the truth.

He’d simply been on his way back from a hunt when he’d been ambushed. He should have scented the other shifter, and it still bothered him that he hadn’t. He’d been loping through the trees when a heavy impact to his side had knocked him to the ground. He’d managed to roll to his feet but almost instantly he’d been knocked to the ground again, this time with the other wolf looming over him.

He’d lunged to his feet, using his sheer bulk and momentum to knock the wolf off balance. A sharp pain in his side alerted him to the probability of a broken rib or two but the sight of the other wolf once again rushing him sent adrenaline coursing through his canine body and the pain was quickly forgotten. The ensuing fight had been brutal and when the other wolf clamped his teeth around his throat, he had been sure he wasn’t going to survive.

He probably wouldn’t have, but the strangest thing had happened. He suddenly felt stronger than he had in his life. He’d given a hard shake of his body and managed to dislodge the wolf’s jaws from his neck. He didn’t take the time to question his luck but immediately sunk his own sharp canines into the attacker’s throat and clamped down. Blood filled his mouth as he hung on, shaking his head to ensure as much damage was done as possible. Only once the wolf had ceased to breathe had he released his hold, the adrenaline high dissipated and every ache and pain in his body made itself known.

He’d fought hard for his own survival, but even that was no longer guaranteed. He’d lost a large volume of his life’s blood, too much for him to be able to shift back into his human form. He’d managed to drag his body away from the battle zone but was quickly losing energy and realized there was no way he’d make it back to the lair, a small settlement at the base of the mountain, before dark.

If he could just make it to the cave about halfway down the mountain he would be able to rest and gather his strength. He whimpered as he drug his injured body further down the mountain. Even resting and conserving his energy might not be enough to heal the multitude of wounds that were painting the forest floor a deep crimson.

Far off in the distance he heard a lone howl and instantly recognized it as belonging to his best friend and pack member, Landon. Landon was coming, all Dom had to do was answer that call and Landon would find him. He raised his head to answer but the damage to his vocal cords from the wolf clamping down on his throat was too severe and he was unable to form more than a whimper.

Dom felt the last of his energy draining from his body and his legs shook before giving out, leaving him lying on the forest floor, gasping for each breath he was able to draw into his battered body. There was no way he was going to reach the safety of the cave. He knew with certainty he wasn’t going to make it home, and his death would be the ultimate catalyst for a war between the two clans. His vision blurred and his last thought was that Landon would never know the true feelings that Dom held hidden in his heart.

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