The Luxorian Fugitive by Mann Ramblings only $0.99

With the upcoming release of Priest and Pariah, the 3rd book in the Ship Logs of the Santa Claus series, now is the time to get books 1 & 2 if you don’t already have them. And to help you out, The Luxorian Fugitive, is on sale for only $0.99!!!!!


Wayward Ink

Sergeant Liam Jacks is the security chief of transport vessel, The Santa Claus. He travels the planetary cluster with Marc Danverse, his best friend and captain, seeking to escape his tortured past and find some peace of mind.

Having been through a civil war together, Danverse and Liam are close. Maybe too close….

All that changes when mysterious stranger, Hadrian Jamison, an escaped Adonirati, books passage to Alpha Centauri. Can he be trusted? Can the stories of his past be believed?

As Liam’s fascination with Hadrian grows, jealousy threatens to tear apart his friendship with Danverse.

When Hadrian’s owner shows up, Liam is forced to go against orders in order to launch a rescue mission to save him.

The ensuing conflict may be more than any of them expected.

Ship Logs of the Santa Claus

LuxorianACooksTale PriestandPariah

     On Sale: $0.99                    $6.99                    Pre-order sale: $4.99



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