They All Fall Down

Category: Fiction
Genre: Drama/Romance
Tags: Adult/Gay/No Sex/Modern/
Status: Complete
Word Count: 6,540
Chapters: 1
Description: Tyler takes his husband Ean to the mountains to carry on a family tradition that can be traced back to Tyler’s great-grandparents. Unfortunately, things don’t go exactly as Tyler had planned.


“Maybe we should have waited until next weekend.” Ean slung the backpack over his shoulder and shut the truck door.

“We’ll be fine.” Tyler adjusted the shoulder holster he’d donned as soon as he’d gotten out of the truck.

“Somehow, the fact that you borrowed your dad’s pistol doesn’t reassure me.” Ean shook his head and watched Tyler check the chamber and the safety before sliding the pistol into the holster. “Neither does the fact you haven’t been up here in years. We’ll be lucky if we don’t end up lost.”

“Have a little faith.” Tyler chuckled. “I may not have been here in years, but this is where I spent a lot of my childhood. As for the pistol, you never know. It’s always better to be prepared, especially since I remember my dad finding signs of a mountain lion just across from camp one year. We weren’t allowed to go climb on the rocks across from camp after that. Well, not without an adult at least.”

Ean shook his head. This was important to Tyler, and he wasn’t going to ruin it for him, no matter how uncertain he was. He leaned against the side of the truck and waited for Tyler to finish doing whatever he needed to do. Finally, after what seemed forever, Tyler shut the truck door and walked around to join him.

“You ready?”

“As ready as I’m going to get.” Ean pushed away from the truck and fell in behind Tyler. He could barely even see the game trail Tyler led them to, but the fact that Tyler knew it was there helped ease his concerns somewhat. Maybe they wouldn’t get lost after all.

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